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About the Fanlisting

This is the only site listed at The Fanlistings Network for Edward James Olmos. It was approved in the Actors category on June 10, 2008 and is owned by Trialia. The layout was made in Adobe Photoshop 7, Mozilla Firefox and Notepad on a computer with a 1024x768 screen resolution. No copyright infringement is intended; I own only one of the three images used in the layout and do not claim any ownership of the other two or the brushes used. I can't find the ownership of the brushes at present, but their maker will be credited here when I have.

About the Subject

Edward James Olmos was born on the 24th February 1947 in East Los Angeles, California, USA, where he grew up; he graduated from Montebello High School, CA, has several children and is presently married to Lymari Nadal. He has proven himself to be an accomplished actor, director and screenwriter, best known for his roles as Lt. Martin Castillo in the television series "Miami Vice" and, presently, as Admiral William 'Bill' Adama in the reimagined "Battlestar Galactica". He's said, however, that he would rather be known for being an activist than an actor, and a good deal of his time is spent on causes involving the welfare of children at risk. He has also served as a UNICEF ambassador.

More information: Wikipedia, IMDB.
Official site: EdwardJamesOlmos.com